Figured I'd do an entry today, I don't do too many anymore because not much is going on with me to be honest lol.  So I just like to update everyone on my doctor situation and other stuff. Well Thursday I went to see the botox doctor, it was a pretty far drive to the place, about 30 miles away from where I live.  Unfortunately I think I'll be going back there more then a few times.  Good news is he approved me for botox in my left heel/leg, and my left elbow/wrist/hand, bad news is I'll be going back alot for the injections and its a long drive, its highway for about the first 25 miles, then its pretty scenic for the last 5.  First injection could be this week or in three weeks depending on if the insurance clears. Funny story about the ride up there, the highway I made good time and lucky didn't get lost, I cruised at about 65-70 mph till I got on the other road where the speed limit drops, so I could only go about 60, but still made good time.  I guess my blood pressure was up a bit when I got there which is understandable doing 70 mph for about a half hour, not knowing where to turn in pretty heavy traffic lol.  Then the place is off this back road which is very hard to find and there is NO sign at all for the place, this is the funny part.  I see the road at the last second, doing about 50 mph so I hit the brakes and take the corner very fast almost missing the turn.  And guess what?  My luck a cop is pulling up to the stop sign!  So I pass by him and he stares me down and I just smiled at him lol.  Luckily he didn't turn around and stop me otherwise I would have missed my appointment, but I'm sure he didn't like me going that fast, but I had to take that road or I would have been lost lol.  So that was comical. Spent the weekend watching sports as usual, not a good weekend for my favorites at all though.  The Phillies look like they will loose the World Series, down 3-1 I don't see them winning 3 straight, especially going back to NY for the last 2 games.  Then my favorite Nascar driver Ryan Newman flipped his car a few times and landed on his roof, they had to cut him out of the car.  Thankfully he's okay and even walked away, those cars are pretty safe.  But it was scary for a few minutes there.  So not a good weekend.   Guess that's it, going to start job hunting soon, but it will be hard to find an understanding boss because I'll be needing alot of time off in the next few months, I have an EMG test on the 11th too, ugh.  So finding a job will be a challenge as always.  Going to try and play some basketball too even through pain because I need to get back into shape now that I have some time off.  The weather isn't too cold yet either, but even so I have thermal Under Armour gear which keeps me nice and toasty in 40 degree weather lol. One more thing, I just got Forza Motorsport 3 for the XBox 360, the game is just amazing, over 400 cars and 100 tracks!  Definitely one the best simulation racing games I've played in awhile. Only bad thing is they don't have my car in the game!  They do, but its an 03 not an 07, so I was a little disappointed with that, but the game is a car guys dream lol.  Yes I'm still a kid at heart... Classic :)Sublime - What I Gothttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sal-bp_ciC4