1. The thought of a past relationship was torturing me when going out with my previous boyfriend, so I broke up with him in complete faith that I would somehow be reconciliated with the first guy I talked about, or someone else that God has in mind for me.
2. I have friends now :) Wonderful ones! I'm so blessed to have them, but I have faith that God will put the perfect one's into my life. I've been wanting friends that I can relate to spiritually, and I've prayed for it n_n
3. I no longer think wicked things about my family. I used to think that things were SO bad, but I now think I see the truth more. I'm constantly trying to like them, which is a very good thing. I love my grandparents, and am grateful for them.
4. I forget what my depression was like. Re-reading my previous posts is foreign to me. I've come so far!
5. I'm getting gr-eaT grades in school :) C's annoy me now - who knew that would happen again?! lol
6. I finally have direction for my future :) I no longer wonder what I'm suppose to do. I no longer feel like I have no purpose. My purpose is to be a Christian councilor, and I have colleges picked out and everything! I'm so brightened by it!
7. My spirtual state is doing SO much better! It's taken a complete turn :) I no longer feel depressed. I never feel like I don't deserve to worship anymore. I feel like God has taken over much of my heart. I feel beautiful inside and out. I'm a new person. Sometimes I get down, but I ALWAYS get back up again in like 1-3 days. :) And it's never as bad as it was. So WOW! lol I'm so lucky. Really, I am. I can say that I have been saved. I am in God's hands. I will be His angel one day, in Heaven. I will try to never forget everything He has done for me. I am truly blessed. <3
This will be my last post. Take care, everyone. Bye! <3