My Weekend

It was a busy but nice weekend. Weather was perfect (except on Friday, when it rained). The leaves are at peak in my town & my eyes are eating them up!
Friday night, the funniest thing happened. I was at my friend's house for Bible Study & they had some missionary speakers there. One couple just got back from ministering to the immigrant community in Florida. The husband said that before being a missionary, he was a teacher & coach in a nearby city (where I went to school & where my dad taught). So afterwards I asked him where he taught & it turns out that he taught at my high school AND coached WITH my father. Neither of us could believe it! He & his wife had some nice words to say about my dad.
On Saturday I did some things around the house & the kids took part in a voluntary survey conducted by the US Dept of Health Services about drug use, mental health, etc. (which we were previously notified about). They even got $30 each for it, which they liked! The lady conducting the survey seemed really nice.
Then on Sunday my daughter went to a birthday party for someone in her youth group. While she was there, my H & I took the dog with us for a drive to look at the foliage. Where we ended up going, it was a little bit past peak, but we got to get out & hike around a reservoir, which was really pretty. The dog loved it, of course.
I've been a little worried about my son, health-wise. Occasionally, though not every day, he's been throwing up. At first I thought some food was not sitting well in his stomach (he'd just been getting over a cold). Then it started to get to be a semi-regular thing. I can't predict it; it doesn't seem to be connected to any specific food. I asked him some questions to see if it might be stress-related & it doesn't seem to be that (though that can be hard to discern). My other theory is that it may be another nervous tic that he sometimes gets. In which case, it's probably best to ride it out & not make a big deal of it. So we'll see, I guess.