Well, my husband's seasonal job is over (for the season) so he'll be bringing the kids to school in the morning.  Which is good for me--I get to sleep in!  And I don't have to deal with the morning rush.
My son went to Youth Group last night.  I think I can say he's officially a regular.  I don't know how social he is there; my guess is "somewhat social".  I know he really likes the snacks they have afterwards--typical teenage boy!
I think my sister is ticked @ me.  Mom & I went out to dinner after the Mother's Day wine tasting without her--but where we went was a place that she hated, plus she had been making noises that she didn't want to go out to any restaurant.  Arg--never can please her sometimes.  She'll get over it eventually.  Anyhow, I got some quality time in w/Mom, which is rare.