Green Smiley Monday

Hi everyone,
I have lots to be grateful for today. First, my grandson Joshua and his girlfriend of several years, Chelsea, are expecting a baby. Chelsea had some cramps, bleeding etc in the first few months so I couldn't share the news as they were afraid she was going to miscarry but all is well now and they are having a girl. She is due in December and her name will be Natalie!
And I have had 2 dreams in a row about Ed. The 1st one Saturday night was brief and I dreamt I was moving and Ed "showed up" to help and was sort of directing the movers. That was about the extent of that dream so I just got a glimpse of him. Last night I dreamt that Eddie came to my work and we were sitting outside. As it is in many of my dreams I can't touch him and I feel very frustrated - there is always a barrier. He looked different. I can't really explain how, just different. I said in my dream. "I will hug you!" And I reached over and just hugged him!! Yay!! Then we walked outside my school for a little while. That's all I remember and I am grateful for any visit I can have.
I wish you all a good & peaceful week. Love to all.