new car

Hi everyone,
Thanks to all for your validation and kind words on my last journal entry. While I wish my ex husband, (Ed's father) the best and of course, his other children (Ed's half siblings) all good things I have come to realize that I do have some residual resentment towards my ex who was drinking heavily, abandoned our son (his firstborn) and never financially or more importantly emotionally supported Eddie. Now that my ex is clean & sober he has many regrets and he did try to make amends with Ed a couple of years before Ed passed. At that time Ed wasn't ready to receive it & as my ex husband said who would have thought Ed would pass away at 37? My ex is 62 with many health problems but thought he'd have more time with Ed to apologize for abandoning him. Anyway it helped to journal out these feelings & read the comments.

Since so many people have asked I ended up going with a new car. I bought a 2011 Suzuki SX4. It has all wheel drive which will help in the winter as my job requires home visits and travel to meetings with collaterals. It is a crossover model and is silver with black interior and I love it. Christina has already borrowed it, lol!

I am much better today. Love and peace to all, Linda