Hi everyone,
I haven't been on much lately. i haven't been up to it. I have been missing my precious Ed and I have been missing sweet Kelsey a lot. I even missed a green smiley Monday. I just couldn't pull it up. I wanted to share a poem with you.
And God Said...
I said, "God, I hurt"and God said, "I know."
I said, "God, I cry a lot" And God said, "That is why I gave you tears."
I said, "God, I am so depressed." And God said, "That is why I gave you sunshine."
I said,"God, life is so hard." And God said, "That is why I gave you loved ones."
I said,"God, my loved one died." And God said, "So did mine."
I said, "God, it is such a loss." And God said, "I saw mine nailed to a cross."
I said, "God, your loved one lives." And God said, "So does yours."
I said,"God, where are they now?" And God said, "Mine is on my right and yours is in the light."
I said, "God, it hurts." And God said, "I know."
Love and peace to all, Linda