Last night I had a dream that I was sitting and talking to Eddie. He was across from me. Maybe we were sitting at a table. I mentioned his kids. He looked up and had tears in his eyes. I said, "I know you miss them." He nodded. Then I asked him if I could look for a different place to live for him. (I had wanted him to move out of the complex he lived in since the apartments were in disrepair). The next thing in the dream is that I looked up and he was on the other side of a white picket fence going up some stairs into a house. He turned around and waved to me.
That was the end of the dream. I don't know what it means but I'm sad, but happy I at least got to "see" him. I will try and remember what Colleen, Jeff's mom says that these are visits, not keeps.
Thank you, God for the visit. I love you, Eddie