Still in pain today, feel as though my bladder is trying to bust out.....the pain is not as severe today so I am really hoping tomorrow will be a good day....I am really hoping this weekend is good cause I have a birthday party to throw for my son, so not really going to have time to lay around in pain....guess if it is bad I will just have to drug up...I hate that though I feel like I spend most get togethers under the influence anymore....but when you hurt you gotta do what you gotta do to be able to visit without falling to the floor screaming in agony and vomiting from the pain. No matter what though pain or no pain I will not let on I will make the day great for him....he is so excited about his party....GI Joe/Army....I am making him a tank cake and when I showed it to him last night he grinned from ear to ear and said this is going to be such an awesome birthday....So no matter what I will not let him down, I will not let him see me hurt, if I am....I am going to say right now....I WILL BE PAIN FREE!!!! and it will be an awesome day!!!!!  Fingers crossed and really really hoping!