Good Moanin Friends...

I'm like an old dog feeling kinda ruff... Lots of pain lately... so I'm gettin around kinda slow... been snowed in for a while... got out and bought some vittles and snacks for the teanage monster that hides in the other bedroom...

comes out at times growling FEED I toss him a bag of chips and some bean dipp and run for my life... kinda lol.... he's a good kid really

So anyways I'm gonna reboot this old Dell this moanin... found the book and the disc...and gonna try to totally restore the orginal system... so....

Ifins YOU aint heard nuttin in three or four days... I'm computer shoppin lol... I sure miss all Ya'll... fur sure... ifins this works I gonna be so happy too... oh well

I know lawnmowers and chainsaws not much on computers... wish me luck just got a ML13.EXE file is missin export NTDLL.DLL 2w loaddriver... must of went awol lol..... laters I hope Russ



Good luck!! That is why I have a son that has a degree and 2 son in laws that have degree in computers. That way I don\'t have to learn. I don\'t do very well with retaining new information.

Good luck in fixing your computer.Same here my oldest grandson is my computer brains.Iam so glad to have him handy if I need help.Stay warm and dont lose your cool with tinkering.