Some times I think of an old cartoon music video I saw on TV when I was still at home.
It was about a kid born without a point...
Me and my Arrow...
Straight up and Narrow...
Where ever we go,
Everyone knows it's me and my Arrow...

Lots of us are looking for ourselves in this life. Sometimes we find ourselves and we do very well. Then something changes, we loose a spouse, or go thru a divorce. Everything we were so sure of before once again becomes questionable.

Each of us have to do our own Walkabout sort of thing. Go off in search of what ever it is we need.

My journey showed me I needed everything. It was a good journey, I grew in a positive way. I found those things like love, commpassion, charity, merci, forgiveness, and understanding. Understanding of myself...

That I alone am responsible for my life. No matter how terrible it may have been. I was the one that choose the path I took. I don't always make great decisions. Thank God I've made very few bad choices in life. NONE of which caused any harm to another human being...

I've always been spontainous in my life, acting on feelings and following my heart. Following those feeling, that went against how I was raise. My Grandmother was rather lofty in her beliefs about race. If ya weren't white, you weren't chit... She tried to instill those beliefs into me...

I always saw humans, not skin. So what a man or woman looks different than I do. Still human, same hopes and dreams as I have... No matter what anyone say, you can't take that away from the facts of life. We are all in this together.

Well at least I wasn't whining about my missin wallet.
I aint lost my dang wallet since 1971, up in Minot North Dakota.
I really liked that tri-fold wallet too. I carried it in my front pocket. not the hip...

Geesh, now I gotta take a bath, i take one once in a while wherether or not I need one... but gee since I'm going to town, might as well spiff my self up...
Guess the first place is the bank to see if I can withdraw some savings to replace my lost license, and get my debit card replaced, just in case some body stole my wallet... then there's the other plastics that were there. Block buster, medicaid cards, food stamp card, social security card,
Only reall problem I see is the driving around to replace these cards. I'm hearing impaired so calling is out.. and most of em I have to go in any way... got a welfare appointment 24 so love those...

I feel really upset. I don't like loosing a wallet. I feel undressed, bare to the world without my wallet. It feel like failure when I loose my wallet... 36 years since I lost a wallet... (little voice in my head screaming. let me at him I'm gonna put my foot up his....) (oh somebody stop me....)

So Im off to look for my point today.

Sir have you seen my point?
say wat?
but emmm!
hey that not...geesh
laters best wishes Russ



hubby lost his wallet and he sure had a time getting all his id back... hope you get it all straightened out..

Well I didn\'t get to everyone, was reading my friends journals, I gotta go reorder some prescriptions refills, and head off to the bank, after I make one more sweep of the appartment, I\'m reall gonna hate findin that wallet after I replace everything lol... best wishes Russ..

OMG...I soo remember that cartoon! You brought back fond memories. I also remember that song played on \"The Courtship of Eddies Father\".
I sure hope you find your wallet...BEFORE you have to replace everything.

Oh, rats ! You lost your wallet?? Poor Russ. That sucks, dude. I loved what you wrote --- so very inspiring. The part about how you alone are responsible for your very, very true. We choose our path and that path leads us to our destiny....Big Hugs and hope you find that darn wallet!!!

I lost my wallet about 20 yrs ago & it\'s an experience you never forget!!And yes, you really do feel all out there and bare without it. Not to mention all the trouble of replacing everything....That\'s got to be the worst. So sorry you\'re having to deal with this. Hopefully it won\'t take too long and you\'ll be a REAL person again. I really enjoyed what you wrote...very inspiring. Thanks for the kind comments to my journal. TAke care and big hugs to you my friend! Love & xxxxx PS- I get the point-Ha!