So much has happened since i've last visited Daily Strength.  Good and bad.   My junior year is absolutely crazy.  I've never felt this much pressure to do well, and quite frankly i'm scared i'm going to go mad!  I don't know what I want to be when i get older, and the fact that my mind keeps changing, now, when it's time to get in gear, frightens me.  Friends come and go, and yet the ones i love most stay near and dear to my heart.   The only thing that effected me in a large was one specific relationship.  I started talking to a boy.  I sincerely like him and went farther with him then any other boy, but when he realized he wouldn't get what he wanted from me, he dropped me like a fly.  Now, of course i was upset, but i honestly hadn't invested enough of my heart to be completely effected by it.  I was embarassed that he thought i was a girl like that.  So, when he didn't even look at me the next day, or the next, or the NEXT, i reamed him out.  I told him he was disrespectful and a piece of shit.  As the girl who lets people walk all over her, telling him off was fulfilling and liberating, and now i'm over it! I've begun to notice a new me, and i love her a whole lot.