A "Docket Call" is scheduled for my son on the 6th of this month.  I found out that it is where the attorney, DA and the judge get together and make sure witnesses, evidence and everything else is in order.  Then the jury selection will be made and then my son goes to court in November.  All the waiting drives me crazy.  It's hard because I don't know how my son is handling all this.  He says he's fine and that things are going okay being in jail.  Of course he wouldn't tell me other wise.  I tell myself that he's a good kid.  Yet if he was so good, he wouldn't be in the situation he is in now.  I want to be supportive, but I want him to understand that what he did was wrong.  Because of so many things I have heard and read, I'm concerned that the punishment will be harsh compared to the crime.  It's amazing how some people are out running the streets after doing some herendous crimes (child abuse for one).Yeah, I'm just rambling.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this.