Well to day was a gtood day with badness in it.i went to the studio so that was good. the enganeer didnt know what i was talking about so that was bad lol. but i still got to spend the begining of my day at the studio like im supposed to be doing. then i was walking dow the street and i didnt like it bc men kept honking their horn at me. not cuz im cute but cuz they think...yeah im getting tired of cussing dudes out and thiking im going to get shot if i do. then i went to the art center it really wasnt popin there but i signed up for some classes. then i caught the bus and these girls tried to start some shit with me. this is where i really wish i was the old me. i mean they didnt win but i didnt either. oh but man i wanted to. i know in my heart i will see them again and let them know whos boss.then i went to the store. ive been spending alot of money i really wish i knew how much i had lol.then i walked  AAAALLLL THE WAY BACK TO E14TH i was hella far away and ended up walking around in a big circle. then i got scared cuz there was this guy walking behind me for hella long. lolthen sum dude asked me for 50 cent. ha anywayzi walked hecka far again and cuaght another bus then caught the bus home.by the time i got home i realized it was time to start getting ready to go to my show.so i made some phone calls and got in the bath. then put my make up on got dressed and BAM!HA, i felt good bc i put on the same stockings i wore in my first televised interveiw. im so happy that i could fit them :) whats funny is im not the same size. but maybe im getting there :)i told more ppl about the protest so im looking fwd to it.oh yeah and when i walked my dog i saw my friend jroc and talked to him. i lvoe him somuch. i used to manage him a long time ago. i hope he does well and gets away from these negitive ppl. sometimes i still think of him as my artist.he said he would come to my protest and im happy he said so.i guess my next goal is to have the radio interveiw.then after that i will go on from there.well today was good but it wasnt that great. i wish i didnt live here anymore. io want to move intomy own house. i just dont really  have aplace to call home any more since it happened. i  cant really standto be where i once lived on sanpablo. i hate it there! its just not the same anymore:(i want to live in my own house in my own neuighborhood where i wont be backstabbed and i will have privacy and trees and everything i want and need. and just be happy....anywayz. im glad i walked my dog i haddnt walked her in quite sometime.:)so today was a good 5 out of 10 :) it was productive, and i wore a purpple dress and my clevage was great and my fans got to see it some im happy about that:)