well yesterday ended up being a good day. i went to a cop watchmeeting. although i was very late. it was around the neighbor hood i grew up in. and there were tons of white ppl and i didnt get scared accept once. this white guy in a truck rolled down his window to talk to me. he remined me of officer miller. hes a punkanywayz after that i didnt realize it but i walking down the street all by myself! i passed by reel videos. man this is where i grew up!so i went to the meeting.... there was hella ppl there! it was a know your rights training. they were telling us what rights we have and dont have.anywayz it didnt last long cuz i was so late.but when i walked back home i stopped by reel videos (the same place thats been there my whole life) and got gentelmen prefer blonds. lol i walked to walgreens, and waited for my aunt to pick me up and take me to the bart station. and then! guys were trying to holler at me! just like they used too!then when i got on the train to sit down felt good bc i felt like the old me. i mean i was laughing at ppl and everything...... so i laugh at ppl sometimes who cares!life startedto almost feel exiting agin....almostbut i forgot to mention on my way i met a former dj who said he loves rotests and want to come to mine. so it may not be the biggest hurtel but i still went up a step. and i found out what the apropriate time would be.i also talked to the lady who has the radio station and we should do it at the end of the month.she should send the info out today, anywayz... im feeling better...oh yeah and i acceptes somthing about my self.i was browsing around someold pics of me at one of my shows. im like im so pretty. but when i first took the picture, i thought that butui still wanted to change imperfections about my body. and i realized im just a perfectionist. thats just who i am i wont be satisfied unless i get it right. i knew i was pretty i just kept pushing my self to be the best. and thats okso yesterday was kool now today i am on my way to the studio. welli hope i have another good day and productivly get this protest rolling!