i shouldnt feel bad but i do.i went to where i used to live b4 it happened it made me feel ok bc i listened to some pop music and ate an icecream sandwich and a honey bun...oh yeah and some licorice and some soda...wow no wonder i have a headache lolwell i talked to the lawyer today, he told me he would look at my papers on weds or thursday.... i mean thats ok.anywayz back to today i was looking fior the wittnes but i could not find him and ppl started thinking i was a prostitute, some mexican guy kept following me all over my neighbor hood.i realize that i no longer feel safe in the area in wich i grew up. i felt like i was gonna die or get shot. i started to run home bc the guy who kept following me i told him he was ugly and to get away from me. i thought he was gonna come back and shoot me. hella dudes was following me. i dont really like it. i really did not look that hot to be followed anyway.i got a phone call while i was listening to survivor from some lady at the hospitalto get me counseling. i am happy about that but at the same time not. bc i dont start until later.so i guess i have to stick with my plan to see the psych i dont like until the third week.ive been thinking about it alot and i really dont think she is the right one for me. i feel like ive been judged and put in a steryop type of a black person with her.she assumed i was on e14th when it happened. and she really didnt listen to me. i felt liek she was presuring me to do something. its silly she doesnt know me well enough to do that.ive alreayd been presured by someone i dont need it again. im a grown woman.so today was ok with its mellow ups and downs.today wasnt that great but it wasnt bad either.o yes and noone has calledme back about the protest!i wish it was together....think i will eat more candy tonight and maybe some ice cream......nah i want to lose weight for my court date... i dunno ill figure somthing out