so, where do i start?lets start off at last night.last ight was ok. i went to a pow-wow then to holla back. holla back sucked bc noone showed up.they also said next week is erotic night. wow, the old me would hve loved that. last year i was so sexy. i had sexy legs, booty just fine lol. it still makes me happy to remember how beautifull i was.i know i can get it back at some point.....:'( its just... hard. anywayz.while i was there i talked to somone who told me this girl could organize the protest. so things are looking kool about that. i mean it doesnt look great but it looks kool u kknow? loli start therapy tomarow which is today since its 1239 loli hope i get there on time its in 8 hours.i took my dog for two long walks tonight i thought lot about officer miller. i was thinking he DID force me to get in his car..... he did... everyone thinks im stupid or bizar for getting in the car with him. but im not. he did force me he was presurig me to get in the car and thats why i got in :( he is stupid and i dont like him at all.  he should get in much trouble. i mean for that alone not speaking of the other things ...anyway, this morning i went to get copies of some court papers and i bumped into a guy i went to school with. i was so happy to see him. he is so cute too and he hasnt lost it at all !then coensadently, i walk my dog that night and gues who lives not even a block away from me! yes him hes been living there is whole life and i didnt even know! lol funny huh. that diffenatly made me happy.but im still kinda sad though. i wish i was the person i used to be.... i still have things that i like about me...  but im just sad... like im happy my hair grew. but im not hppy this crap happened to me. my hair was gonna grow anyway. and im not happy i put on all this just not confident like i used to be.and its like i have a job and im happy about it but somtimes i get distracted b4 i go bc im thinking about miller and vergara and chew  another officer that was there0any wayz i faxed my papers to the lawyer. he says he will look at them on monday. i hopehe can do alot for me i hope he become my lawer cuz im just about outa time to get one.