So after last week's event in class, I thought about the paper and presentation I have to put together for this weeks class. It has to be on a psychoactive drug and so I originally wanted to do Nuerontin - but after what happened in class, I emailed my teacher and changed my drug to Lyrica. Now as far as a psychoactive drug, researchers are discovering that Lyrica may end up being used as a street drug, as Euphoric stages have been reported. And there are side effects when Lyrica is no longer used, resulting in what they call, "addictive attributes." With that said, I'm pretty sure I was euphoric all the time. I felt so high when I was on it and that was one medication I never missed a dose of because the side effects of not taking it were so bad. Now this could be a sign of physical dependence - which is why I got myself off of it. I took Vicodin and Codeine and the same time for a long time with the Doctor's highly expertise advice (hahaha) and I had to get myself off of that too. Incase anyone was wondering, I don't hate medications nor do I think people should stop taking them if they work, I don't take them because my dependence on them holds me back. And I need that seperation between my life and my pain if that makes any sense. So although I might have to suffer a little more without it, then I'll take it just to have that freedom to feel like myself. That's why I don't take anything. And trust me, there are days that I wish I could have something to take, but I know myself and I know that I'll be hating it. So back to the presentation, I'm doing Lyrica while everyone else is doing heroin, meth, cocaine.. I'm doing what I know first hand. And I'm going to inform my well-educated teacher on something he doesn't know, especially when they're realizing that Lyrica may help OCD. Mmmm - the only way I can see that happening is because when I took Lyrica, I didn't care about anything. Hope someone else benefits from it though.