Well, where do I start?
Well yesterday, I found this website; I found out that I'm going to be starting a learning Support Assistant Work Experience next week.
I was supposed to be moving in with my sister; but the house she was going to be moving into was no good. Uum, what else???
Note for yesterday.
Today, seems to have been rather interesting, coming back into class, (you see I'm actually in a residential college for disabled people, what an experience its been up to press) I found I've had a message from a very nice individual this morning, its always nice to talk to pleasant people, it makes a change from some of the peopole here.It seems now to be becoming a nightmare; one thing I hate is when people become interfering; they do it under the guise of trying to help. If I wanted help, I would more than likely ask for it, but I don't ask for it so I don't want it but still they interfere, I know I'm moaning, but I've got to moan somewhere. I'd sooner moan at a computer than at a person, I'm fed up of losing friends that way.

thats all for now




I agree, venting at a computer is much better than on people, and I do it too. Makes me an easier person to be aroung if i can take it out on my computer! LOL Moan at the computer all you want! I completely feel the same about people who like to interfere where they are least wanted. Happens here all the time, I live in a VERY small community. Well I hope tomorrow is better for you!