Feeling ok today, I have a second interview for a shop on tuesday the first interview i thought didnt go to well as i couldnt think of any questions to ask but she must have liked me cause now i have an interview with the regional manager who is supposed to be very strict but im going to research the company hard and make sure im very prepared if i get it i wont be working all the evenings god sends and ill get sundays off and more money, i quite like the job im doing now but i like to have a life aswell lol.My feelings have now passed for my ex gf and i dont think ill be contacting her again she wasnt a nice person and shes not going to change now since my stuff isnt at the house i have my deposit from the landlord back i have no reason to contact her and now ill see her as an chapter in my life that was good in parts but now its over.My focus is now just to get this qualification and secondly get a new job and im progressing ok with both i think.