My daughter took off Thursday night late, Slipped out the bathroom window. She has always come back within an hour. and not through the window and at night. anyway she did not come back and we had no idea where or who she was with, She is one of the kids that would go with anyone if they were nice to her and it would not have to be someone her age she will talk to older men as well as boys her age,, She does not suppose to have a facebook account cuz of course she cannot be trusted, and she does not have a cell phone cuz she  cannot be trusted. we keep a pretty tight rope on her for her safety. we had to call the sherriff and finally 14 hours later they were able to locate her,, Yes I am so thankful she was safe and not hurt but she could care less how this affected her younger brother and sister and her dad and myself and her older brother  and she is blaming people and things and then turning around and saying she planned it,, planned what? to run away go for a walk? what? I am so upset with her and she has been so nasty since she has been home I just want to lock her up and let her be without anything,, but then I would be arrested for child abuse, her therapist and case worker have been great in helping me deal with it all but I am tired//