I have been spending alot of time battling the depression and feeling sorry for him and me,I realized today theres so many more lives that were affected. The victim. his children, his brothe and sister, his nieces and nephews, his dad. So many lives have been changed forever. Today i feel like giving up. I feel like i don't wamt to fight for him. I just want to walk away and never look back, He is my son and i can not do that/ I feel like i am alone in this and i pray about that and God is listening I have a few people in my life now. I dont talk to them about this but it is good to have someone to talk to. 



Many times it is anger that is under the depression and sometimes there are other feelings under the anger, like deep sadness or fear ... You are doing your own healing right now, as am I and I can understand your anger and your desire to walk away. Yes, you are his mother and you cannot, but it does not change the \"feeling state\" of wanting to. Hang in there. The anger will change as well, just like the feelings of depression have done. Remember, you too are healing and you too will find you way, just as your son must. We are hear to listen and to respond and to love you even though your anger. Even though you want to ... don\'t ever give up on yourself or your son. This is not an easy journey. And we need to stand together through it all, even those feelings of wanting to walk away. God is listening and God will answer you prayers in his/her own time. Breathe and enjoy the beauty that is life, even amidst the confusion and anger. YOU ARE OK, and so is your son, even though he made a mistake that by our Western Society is treated very, very harshly. You son I am sure has beautiful qualities. Don\'t forget those. Don\'t forget the blessings that you both are ...
I am thankful your your friendship and for your honesty. I truly am. Happy Thanksgiving my Daily Strength Family of Sex Offenders friend :)!