100 Things to do in my life time[Starting with 20]

1. Graduate with honors and perfect attendace
2. Kick Shanleys ass in FFA next yr.
3.Get PLENTY of scholarships
4.Get into Florida State or University of Florida
5.Apply to 51 colleges [because im applying to 2 colleges in Florida :P]
6.Go on a road trip and visit Rowan and Zach in Canada
7.Go on ANOTHER road trip with Daisy and find Shannon in Florida
8. Get my other peircing re-done + some
9.Become a writer
10.Get something published
11.Finish my book
12.Adopt a whole kennel
13.[Try] and have twins lol
14.Get a matching tattoo with Marshall
15.Go on a cruise
16.Go to Warped Tour
17.Go to Octoberfest
18.Never meet Marshalls ex unless its over custody of his child. :] Funness.
19.Travel the world
20.Go to all 50 States
These are not in any particular order lol



that is a good list to start with right now... I am looking forward to hearing about those your accomplish and then, those you add to it.

Enjoy them all!