10 Great Tips For People With Thin Hairs

Is every week a can of hairspray, 2 canisters of volume spray and 4 fattening shampoos lost on your hair? With the result that after half an hour it is as flat as before? Or even flatter? It's about time to put some spunk in that pathetic heap! With these tips you go from coupe-as-flat-as-a-fig to "Sorry, I can not hear you on the volume of my hair".

Indicate What You Do Not Do Better If You Have Thin Hair:


Stay away from coconut oil

Pinterest knows the answer, we hear you thinking. Unfortunately, this time not, because Pinterest advises you to use coconut oil which actually has a counterproductive effect. Especially true that coconut oil gives your hair extra shine, but the oil also makes your hair heavier, making it flatter.

Avoid products with ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. A cheat sheet is not a luxury when you go shopping, but remember that sulphate is bad and it will be fine! The ingredients make the shampoo thicker and provide a lot of foam, but your hair will dry out tremendously. So stay away.

Tight hair is not a tight plan

Too tight updos are not a good idea. Your hair is going to fall out in the long term, or breaks off at the place of the rubber band. So opt for looser updos, or even better: braiding.

What Can Your Do To Create A Voluminous Forest Hair?

The scissors in it

You will not like to hear it wrong, but long hair weighs heavier and thus automatically goes flat. Good that a bob is still more than in!

Go for layering

Simple! Layers provide more volume and make your hair look thicker. If you have thin hairs, you can try following hairstyles for thin hair.

Turn the roles around

Again the same song: conditioner nourishes your hair, but also makes it heavier if it is not rinsed out properly. So first apply conditioner, let it work in, and then apply your shampoo after rinsing. This way your hair is nourished and you are sure that you have washed out all the remains!

Use dry shampoo in the morning instead of in the morning

Dry shampoo is the perfect backup plan for snoozing too long. But since every morning is a hectic morning, you can also simply apply your dry shampoo in the evening. Tossing in bed ensures that the ingredients of dry shampoo are better absorbed and you stand up with a voluminous haircut.

Put your hair on the other side

If you always wear your hair on the same side, it will soon be 'trained'. Put your hair on the other side and you will see that it keeps its volume longer.

Ask advice from the pharmacist If

you are really desperate, you can still look for help in pills that help prevent hair loss. These are usually pills that contain biotin and also allow your nails to grow faster.

Take it easy!

Avoid stress as it is one of the biggest causes of hair loss. Making pressure on your thinning hair forest does not make any sense at all, it only makes things worse.