Yesterday was the first time I have been on this site. It made me feel better just to know I wasn't the only one out there going through these challenges. I also found some info on residential treatment programs that sound like they might really help William. Waiting for the call back from the lady who can tell me if he qualifies and how to go about geting him in. Back to school for William on Monday- so frustrating that even though we only started this school 2 weeks ago the "usual" pattern is starting again already- outrageous behavior- ie swearing, hitting, screaming at teachers etc- is getting him kicked out again. This is his 5th school since starting Kindergarten- he is in 4th grade, and the second this year-even though its only October. Once the calls to come and pick him up for his behavior start they always escalate and the behavior becomes increasingly worse. Also frustrating to me is that we are on our sixth medication for him- Adderall- which is not helping at all- the fact that I had to pay full price $213- because my medical coverage hasn't started yet is really irritating- at the end of the day a waste of money and yet another half finished bottle to add to the many others. Will try to keep a positive outlook and wish for the best with the residential placement situation.