So far so good this morning. That other medication WAS making me nauseated. I can already tell a difference. This new medication is in capsule form and it's been 5 hours since I took it with no problem. 

The weather here in Texas has turned cold. The high today should be around 40 degrees. I know that's nothing to you people up north but I have two blankets wrapped around my legs as I type. :).  By Friday the high is only supposed to be 35 and they say we may have some winter precip. I just hope it's not ice. That's usually what we get stuck with. Of course no one knows how to drive on ice and the usually don't close anything here..just delay the schools a couple of hours.

Thanks for all the kind words from my last journal. I have the best friends on DS! Hugs.



I'd give anything for 40 degrees right now! LOL.. Oh, well, I chose to live in MN so 2 degrees is what I get. I hope y'all don't get an ice storm. Make sure you have plenty of food in the house so you don't have to drive in it if you do get it. No one can drive on ice. It's basically, drive slow and hope you don't slide. Thankfully we usually get snow here and it's easier to drive on with my 4 wheel drive vehicle. I'm so happy your new med seems to be working out. I hope it does what it's supposed to do. Take care.

Hi Di, i'm so glad, and thankful you're feeling better :) that's great news, and a healing blessing, that your medicine is helping you :) wishing you continued comfort, healing, and peace :) that's good, you're keeping warm, and looking forward to spring time :) i hope you all get to enjoy lots of nice movies, and tv shows :)
i love doing lots of nice writing this time of the year :)
keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, and for all of your heart-felt support, and prayers :) Your friendships are very special, and dear to us :)
We send our love, healing energy prayers, and warm friendship hugs, from our hearts and home to yours :)