I was pretty busy today, but that's always good when you want time to go faster.  Got up, did some things, went grocery shopping with my Mom, checked the oil in my car.  Coming up on an oil change, but it's still full and not too dark brown or used.  So I should be good till I get it in the shop.  I still have to clean my room and do some other things before I go back to work tomorrow, I actually can't wait to go back, get this week moving faster!
My girlfriend got back to her Dad's house in Tampa from the hotel in Orlando yesterday.  She's been Skyping me every day.  I just talked to her about a half hour ago, this was the first time she looked pretty sad.  I think she is missing me a lot now as the days drag on.  She also said her Dad was driving her nuts, but she didn't say why...I'm going to Skype her tonight again around 9pm before bed.
If one good thing comes from this experience when its all over is I know now that she loves me unconditionally and I love her that way as well.  I was actually sick Friday and Saturday and couldn't sleep because I was missing and worrying about her.  It's crazy what love does to you.  I'm feeling a lot better today as I've been talking to her more and I've been busy as well.  
She is supposed to be flying back at 3:30pm on Saturday, landing about 5:30 or 6pm.  The catch is the weather channel is predicting a pretty big snow storm Friday into Saturday afternoon.  I really hope her flight isn't delayed... :(  It's always something in life right lol?  I doubt I can make it up to her house if I'm snowed in Saturday, maybe Sunday I can.  I just really want to see her before the weekend is over, otherwise I can't see her until the next weekend, which would be the 30th!  :(
I'm going to try my best to get up to see my baby...Oh well, it is what it is, just so she comes back to me safe and sound.  That's all that matters...
4 days down, 5 to go!  *Fingers Crossed No Snow!*