01/29/10 Pain,Winter weather,HS and me

Well their calling for some pretty nasty winter weather here in the old NC state.Of course this isn't helping the HS any. Has made me more achy,more irritable, and really put a damper on things. As if dealing with a massive flare of my HS isn't enough, here comes good ole' Mother Nature to add in her own special dash of misery. I used to be able to handle cold weather. I remember as a teenager it used to drive my mom nuts that I would leave my window cracked in the winter with my fan set to high at the foot of my bed.Ahh, the good ole' days. Nothing bothered me then. Now in order to go out in weather 39 degrees or below I am reduced to wearing two coats, a thick housecoat, gloves, knit cap...basically bundled up like I am taking a stroll through the lovely Antartic countryside!ARRGGGGHHHH!! I can't wait for Spring!