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For any daughter who has lost their mother, whether through Death (if it's been one day ago or 40 years ago) or Abandonment, (i.e.-drug abuse, mental illness, physical or emotional abuse, etc.) and is working through the grief process. This group provides unconditional support and understanding from women who have also lost their Moms and who truly care.

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Now falling apart physically!

Hi beautiful ladies,

It's been a while since I was on here. In that time I have survived Mum's birthday and the 1 year anniversary of her death. I kidded myself that it might be time to start trying to pick up the pieces mentally and emotionally, but now I also seem to be falling apart physically!! In the last 9 weeks I had an acute appendicitis attack - had surgery, then a severe gastro bug that my baby girl got and took us both 4 weeks to recover, and now have been diagnosed with a femoral hernia (requiring urgent surgery) and left with a stomach ulcer !!!! So am now in constant physical pain as well, can't t eat, and am just plain miserable!!! I am usually a really positive person but this is starting to break me.....

Just goes to show how grief and stress take their toll physically. I think sometimes the universe has it's way of making us stop and deal with things and this might be my wake up call. I'm only 34!! and used to be a super healthy, happy person, in another lifetime, before Mum died......hard to remember what life felt like then....

Look after yourselves!! Thanks for listening xx



Oh Katy, I'm so sorry to hear all this. You've been through so much. It does show you the attack on your body on the inside that grieving for your mum and trying to be strong for yourself and your family can do. It's time for you heal on the inside too. Any time you need to share, we're here to listen. Take care, and I really hope you get back on the road to recovery soon. And you've made me think too. It's a warning for us all. Healing hugs xxx

Thank you for sharing all this, Katy! I'm sorry you've had such a terrible time! Grief does take a huge toll on the body. I was very aware of it in the first month, but now a few months down the road I have to remind myself to take it easy on my body and to prioritize my health. I'm sending you strong and healthy thoughts, and hoping that you can take some time to recuperate and focus on yourself. It must be so hard dealing with these physical problems as well as the emotional weight of grief!

Hi Katy...I think I'm a shade darker in character post mom. I could have been the happiest person on earth before positivity bugged my friends to no end lol.

I don't recognise that person anymore. I feel like giving up too easily these days. I have a good job but the day I thought of looking for a change is the day it became miserable for me to come to work. It wasn't like this earlier....

I can't say I've suffered physically, but the fluctuation of weight has definitely been there...I tend to starve myself for a few days and then start over eating...

Please know you're not alone sweetheart...take good care of
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