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This is a place to post information about migraines as an adjunct to the main group. If you have venting or questions, please speak to the main Migraine group. This group is here as a resource so when you are in the middle of a cycle and do not want to have to search 25 pages back you do not have to.

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too many migraines

I have had migraines for going on5 days now and I really sick of them and I went to the Doctor yesterday and the medicine the Doctor gave me the Health Insurance chooses not to cover so now I suffer ... I all ready have other health issues any ideas? I just been trying do my best to work through them to get Christmas done... In the mean time I lay around ...



now Christmas is over and I am having another chain of Migraines.....so far no medications work....IDK what comes next do I blow my head off? it just so much pain....I go back to my doctor on 1/18 and IDK what next....any one have any tips on what to do? Just so tired of al theese Migraine headaches..... they keep me in the dark most of the time....

I wish I didn't know how you both feel. I was diagnosed as status migrainosis over two months ago. The neurologist figured I'd been maintaining it as a low level migraine for at least two to three months before that. I went to see a neurologist who specializes in migraines only a while back and he only wants to consult.

Tuesday I see yet another neurologist...who will hopefully order a spinal tap so we can finally rule out pressure on the brain once and for all.

I am so sick of the dark and the pills. I just want my brain and my life back.

Are you guys feeling any better these days?