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This is a place to post information about migraines as an adjunct to the main group. If you have venting or questions, please speak to the main Migraine group. This group is here as a resource so when you are in the middle of a cycle and do not want to have to search 25 pages back you do not have to.

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Hi..im new..severe daily migraines

Does anyone have any herbs, vitamins, or supplements I could try for my migraines? Because nothing helps them.



bnb1980, I have heard b12, b2, magnesium, and CoQ10. We are trying noni juice. I doesnt really taste that bad, but I will keep you posted as to how my daughter responds to it. Had a friend with cluster migraines who told me that the noni juice cured him. He was convincing enough for us to try it. You get it at the health food store or herb shop. Hope you find relief soon.
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