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This is a place to post information about migraines as an adjunct to the main group. If you have venting or questions, please speak to the main Migraine group. This group is here as a resource so when you are in the middle of a cycle and do not want to have to search 25 pages back you do not have to.

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Anyone try OPC 3

Has anyone tried OPC 3? It is a daily natural product. I am not currently taking it because I am pregnant, but I will after I have the baby. I've heard so many success stories from it. I tried to mention it in a post on the main page, but someone got upset with me because he thought I was trying to sell "my product". But, it's not my product, I just know where you can get it. I want to mention it to help people. I know before my pregnancy I tried so many prescriptions and would like to try a natural product. Anyone tried it?