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There is always hope,there is always an answer,there is always a helping hand. Every day is a new Beginning. With us you will find love, support, strength and friendship. Please, come on in an join us. We are always here for you. You are not alone!

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Life is Precious

Life is so precious
And each day a gift
So enjoy every minute
As it were you last to live

Cherish your loved ones
Hug them tight
Share with them your heart
And your time

Nothing is forever
And life goes so fast
Each minute that passes
Is one you can’t get back

When troubles arrive
And knock you off your feet
Stand up and smile
And remember life is too sweet

Every morning when you wake,
Decide right from the start,
That “Today will be a good day”
And let it all in with an open heart

~ Anonymous



Life is so precious. Today is a good day. Thanks a lot Brooke.
Group FounderLove4you

love it! Thank you so much CB!


Life is very precious
But I think there is nothing more precious than a babies smile
Like the one I added below
Group FounderLove4you

(: ´`'*¸.¨´`'*°.:)
`..♥♥ HUGS ♥♥
... `'*.¸....

Thank you. Positive. Uplifting.
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