Chronic Nosebleeds Community Group

If you or someone you know has had nosebleeds often and for long periods of time. This is for questions or discussions. I have had chronic nosebleeds since I was a toddler so I have plenty of experience and I have been to the hospital twice for really bad nosebleeds.

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Bleeding through the eyes

If when you have a nosebleed it and it starts bleeding through the eyes, first DO NOT PANIC!!!!! If you panic, your nosebleed will only get worse. Second, check where you are pinching. If you pinch in the wrong spot, the blood will come out your tearducts. Third, once the bleeding has stopped, make sure that you wipe away all the blood from your eyes or it will crust and you won't be able to open your eyes later. I'm sorry that I don't remember where to pinch it properly, but you can ask your doctor before this happens. If the nosebleed and eye bleeding lasts over an hour and it shows no signs of stopping, then I would call your doctor or find the nearest emergency room immediately!