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Feral cat with herpes outbreak.........

My mama feral kitty has an out break of the herpes virus. All my feral kitties have this but they don't have outbreaks very often. Mama kitty seems to be having them a lot more lately. Her one eye is very swollen and when it's open it almost looks like the eye is gone. She is so sick this time. I am trying to give her antibiotics and L-lysine but she is not really wanting to eat. I think she can taste the L-lysine in her food. Anyone know of any tricks to get her to eat the food with the meds in it. She does not like tuna juice so that is out.

I get so stressed out when I am not able to help them. Thanks for any advice you have.



My vet said the smellier the cat food the better, like a strong fishy smell. It's best to mix the meds into their soft food and the stronger the food smells the less likely they will detect that there is meds in the food.

Good luck and my hats off to you for caring for the ferel kitties.

Thanks, I think maybe she is just so sick that she is not wanting to eat. My feral kitties love any kind of canned food and get it every day but she is just not really eating much of anything. She also eats very slow and her daughters will gobble up their food and then boot mama away from her dish.

They are very fat feral cats and very spoiled but you would think I never feed them when it comes to morning and evening meals. They each get their own dish with food in it, trying to get them to lose some weight but they think I am starving them to death......:-)

Mama kitties eye has never been this bad, I'm just worried because I cannot trap her and take her to see a vet and I know that sometimes when the eyes get bad and often enough that they lose the eye and what I mean is it would have to be removed. I am just in a panic right now.
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