Breaking Free Community Group

Breaking Free is about releasing you from your stronghold's...captivity...bondage; so you can find Freedom and Liberty in Christ. This is a Christ-Centered Group to help us heal...whether it be from abuse, temptations, addictions...or whatever is holding you back from experiencing a Joy-Filled Life with Christ. This is the place to find support and heal as we unshackle the chains that bind us. This is an open discussion group and some will be reading 'Breaking Free' by Beth Moore.

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Beth Moore Bible Studies-Find One Near You!

Here is a link to Beth Moore's Bible Studies going on across the US, and maybe other countries.

Check it out, and see if one is near doesn't have to be at your church to go to it.

I am doing the 'Believing God' Study this Fall!

Let us know if you choose to do one!

Her Bible Studies are EXCELLENT!



I ll have to check it out sounds good tho I love to study the word blessings and hugs to you-Jayden

Thanks for the website. She is my favorite for the studies.
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