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In this group we will be looking at alternative or supplementary methods of dealing with every day stressors and anxiety. This is for people who do not want to feel as though they do not want to be tied to the medicine cabinet. We will be using such techniques as mindfulness, meditation, grounding, guided imagery, Yoga and other behavioral and self-discipline techniques as alternatives to the sometimes debilitating side effects of psychiatric medications.

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I'm back; but for how long?

My stomach has finally started to settle itself again, but I still have no answers to what's setting it off.

I've gone through a few more test with my gdoc and am waiting on a call from my from Gastro doc( hopefully today).

But until my stomach acts up again I shall be around.

The Wolf



Glad your back! Hope you continue to feel better : )
Group Founderwiccanwolf1

I also just got my Dragon naturally speaking voice recognition program today, so hopefully with it I will be a lot more active in the group and be able to contribute a lot more sense I know longer have to think about what I'm writing and just right what I'm thinking.

With this program I hope to be able to bring a lot more exercises in mindfulness and meditation to the group. Glad to be back and hope that my medical problems are behind me and that I can be a more active participant in this group.

Thank you
The Wolf

It's good to have you back Will. I am going to be glad to have your perspective back again.

That is great you are back!

me too ... good news
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