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Arnold-Chiari malformation, sometimes referred to as 'Chiari malformation' or ACM, is a congenital anomaly of the brain. Arnold-Chiari Malformation II occurs in almost all children born with both spina bifida and hydrocephalus, but ACM I is typically seen in children and adults without spina bifida.

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what to expect

I was just diagnosed this month. Today I had an mri ro check my spine for cysts. The doctor said that's common with Chiari. He wants me to consult a surgeon in case surgery is needed. At what point do they usually perform surgery? What is recovery like? My current symptoms are daily headaches and some visual problems. I've lost my peripheral vision temporarily as well as having blurred vision, difficulty focusing my eyes and seeing squiggly lines. All help is appreciated. Thank you



If you have Facebook you should look for ASAP support group as they are much more active then here. If you choose surgery please only go to a chiari specialist. That is #1. There are many throughout the country and the ASAP group can guide you at least for evaluation.
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