Zerg Build Order Solutions

faa-pilotcertificateform-190522154503-thThis article will highlight the mid-level kill streaks available in modern warfare 2. These kill streaks are all air attacks that can rack up a lot of points.

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UAV 's will display on your mini-map where enemies are but keep in mind there is a slight delay on where they last showed up and where they actually are in the map. This gives you an advantage on getting the first shot on any approaching enemies when used properly. Hopefully once you become experienced enough this UAV will help you quickly add one more kill.

If you are a brand new StarCraft II player, these five tips will cut a huge chunk of time off your learning curve. On their own, they may not be enough to get you to Diamond League, but if you implement all five of these tips, you should have no problems winning most of your practice matches. You should even be able to compete in unmanned aerial systems at least the Silver League.

After making a couple Banshees and doing some income harassment make another Starport (w/ Reactor) and start making a lot of Vikings. Once you have around 12 Vikings move out and start killing Zerg Overlords. If you see a Queen or 2 all alone, land your Vikings and take it out.

If we wanted to fly a UAV over North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela we could merely get a very small and lightweight UAV made of these materials and it could fly around and take pictures forever. Best of all it could be made translucent, with a stealthy body creating a very low radar signature. It is my contention that this concept is 100% viable now with current materials, and it's too bad we haven't started already and funded such a great project. Indeed I hope you'll please consider all this.