ZenMed Skin Support System

ZenMed Skin Support SystemOrder NowRated: GoodThe statistics linked to rosacea would surprise you. Something like 17 million Americans live with chronic redness and inflammation, yet close to 80% of them have never even heard of rosacea or are aware that it's causing their pain.Rosacea's more than just inconvenient (or painful and embarrassing), it can also prematurely age your skin, as the ongoing inflammation can damage the collagen matrix and lead to visible blood pools, blood vessels, and redness that becomes more pronounced with time.That's where a rosacea cream comes in handy, as you can use it to calm existing pain and redness and build a stronger skin barrier between you and the elements. Ideally, this will reduce your risk of future outbreaks from common rosacea triggers like hot drinks and the weather.ZenMed Skin Support SystemThis isn't a single rosacea cream. Rather than that, ZenMed Skin Support System is a three part system of a redness mask, a facial cream and a support serum. More cumbersome than Skinception Rosacea Relief Serum, it offers similar, if slightly less noticeable benefits.There are two systems actually. One is for dry skin, the other for oily. The only difference between them is that the dry skin package uses a cream-based cleanser. The package for oily skin uses a gel.It's a good system, based on natural ingredients, and should provide the relief that you're looking for. The flip side of this equation, of course, is that it's not as convenient as a single product, like Rosacea Relief Serum. And the more products you're exposed to, the more likely you may have an adverse reaction.Company Behind ItZenMed is a Canadian company with a good variety of systems for specific skin ailments. They emphasize no animal testing and environmentally friendly packaging for their natural-based systems. All good things, and with good customer service, though it falls shy of Skinception's 90 day money-back guarantee.IngredientsZenMed Skin Support uses natural anti-inflammatories, including aloe vera gel and licorice root, in the anti-redness mask, vitamin C in the support serum and a vegetarian, pH-balanced formula for the gel/cream cleanser. Noticeably absent? The peptides found in Rosacea Relief Serum that separate the best rosacea cream from the second best rosacea product (ZenMed).Packaging/DiscountsZenMed Skin Support isn't the cheapest option for rosacea patients on a budget, at $78 per system. The company says each one should last between six and eight weeks.There is no discount packaging or extra incentives to get you to buy the product, like free shipping.If there's truth to the company's claim that each system lasts close to two months, then ZenMed is reasonably close to Rosacea Relief Serum in terms of pricing - if you factor in ZenMed's lack of discount packaging.Final Thoughts on ZenMed Skin Support SystemGood value and relief from rosacea. That's what you get with ZenMed Skin Support System. I prefer Rosacea Relief Serum, as it's more powerful and offers the convenience of a single cream, but ZenMed Skin Support is a good purchase regardless. The second-best rosacea relief product.http://rosaceazone.com/zenmed-skin-support-system/http://www.rihe.org/zits-solutions-low-health-professional-prescribed-possibilities/