Your Local Dog Walker serving Wombwell. Our dog jogging services begin from 9 just.

Need to work all day but possess a furry canine relative at home who cant move with you, and don't like leaving them only all day? Well we can walk your pet from 9 just !
Do you have a young bouncy dog that could enjoy a bit more workout and a romp with some doggy friends in the park, which means that your dog is much calmer person in the grouped family?
Is a member of family or a friend looking after your dog when you are away however they may struggle with exercising your pet (we also do cat appointments and small animal visits as well for when you go away)
Or have you got a physical aliment which restricts your exercise?
Using our dog walking support for any of the above factors, can assist with your dogs behaviour and development, giving you the satisfaction that you can get back after a hard days work to a exhausted and content dog, whom hasn't eaten your brand-new sofa or howled all day because of being left alone for extended periods and can settle down with you to take pleasure from your evening together and understand that they've experienced a break within their day to have a blast
Dogs require mental and physical stimulation, some behavioural problems can occur through isolation, boredom and insufficient workout. Regular exercise, business and socialisation help's to avoid problems, making your pet happy and healthy.
I am:
DBS checked
Extensive up to date understanding of dog behaviour
Fully insured
Doggy first aid trained
References available
Fully committed
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Why small sets of dogs?
If your pet is well behaved and sociable they'll be walked in a small group of no more than 4 dogs, this guarantees than your pet gets to - Canine walker services wombwell - interact with other dogs safely whilst still getting plenty of someone to one attention, something which your dog wouldn't enter a large group of dogs. A small group also means dogs could be kept under good control in areas had been they need to be on lead, such as in car parks and around other dogs and people. Be aware of the dog walker who charges very little but takes out 8 or more dogs at anybody time. In an emergency four canines is very easily manageable with many regional councils around the united states now limiting the number of dogs who can be walked at any one time being 4 per person.
Today to discuss how I can help you as well as your dogs requirements get in touch with me.
Lucy: 07809205855
We serve Shafton also,Athersley, North and darton Barnsley
Exactly what will happen on the walk?
Your dog will be walked through the required days and times you have chosen, where he'll be collected and used my caged van or from home. Your canines walk willvary to make it even more interesting for them and they'll be able to connect to other dogs and myself.
The walk itself shall last the allocated time, dropping off and picking right up is extra time at no extra cost. If an off-lead form provides been signed and agreed then your pup will be off-lead the majority of the walk in areas which are secure to do so, to give them more opportunity to elope their energy meaning you should come home to a nice tired dog who will relax with you to enjoy your evening together.
Your dog shall be returned home nice and tired, get a towel/rub down, settled down and given plenty of fresh water.
When there is anything urgent I need to let you understand about i quickly will contact you at that time rather than leaving a note in the diary.