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Kenyan Police Confiscated A Stolen Cow At A Wedding Reception (Just As It Was Being Served To Guests)

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Will Salman Khan attend Veena Malik's reception?

When the owner of the lost cow, who was in the police vehicle, came to check, he confirmed that the head and hooves belonged to his cow. With the cow identified but already slaughtered and ready to serve, police had no choice but to let the feast commence and focus on catching the thief. Haha, just kidding. The jubilant guests were in shock. The police then proceeded to do the unthinkable; they impounded the meat that was cooking as exhibit in court. They have taken the meat and the pilau that was being cooked leaving us hungry. visit

Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khan Says Veena, It happened very quickly. Our parents were talking from a few months and they wanted us to meet and see if we are compatible. My mother came to Dubai first and met Asad, then my father came to meet him. The starlet is planning a reception in Pakistan in March, followed by a white wedding in US -- where the couple hope to settle eventually -- followed by a function in India. Veena wants to invite all her friends from Bollywood including Salman Khan. The couples fathers have been friends since their days in the Pakistani army. We met on December 15 and I had no idea that I will be married by December 25. We had gone for a drive and he just asked me in Arabic if I want to get married and I said when he said lets do it tomorrow and then we did the nikaah the next day because our families were in Dubai only, she gushes. visit

Wedding Unicorn Named After Katy Perry Sneezes Sparkles And Pees Lemonade

Photos were recently posted of a very original and significant unicorn Katy Perry, and we have to admit, this is probably something we havent seen at any other wedding. Schumacher considered herself lucky for knowing seriously talented fire geeks, friends Kat and Jesse Green, who were up for the challenge of taking a black carousel horse and transforming it into a Katy Perry-esque unicorn. While we have seen many unicorn mock ups from different iconic images, this one pretty much takes the cake considering its pyro abilities. The bride took to the blog Offbeat Bride to write a post about her beloved Katy Perry unicorn, having said: She was named during a routine visit to Jesses doctor. They were describing the unicorn to her and she laughingly asked, whatre you naming it Katy Perry? The only answer to that is, of course, we are now. The creation of Katy Perry, the unicorn, took some time. According to the couple, the unicorn took about four months to build, and cost a pretty penny as well. The unicorn cost the couple $3,000 in raw materials. Sure, thats a large chunk of money when considering how much people spend on weddings these days, but the unicorn looked like an unforgettable addition. The couple decided that they wanted a fire piece to signify how the two met as the Burning Man festival. visit