You Can Now Import Rock Band 1's Soundtrack Into Rock Band 4

Owners of the" data-ref-id="5000-30284 - original Rock Band - looking to bring that game's songs into" data-ref-id="5000-403844 - Rock Band 4 - now can, provided they meet a few requirements. Harmonix" rel="nofollow - announced - this week that the Rock Band export option for Rock Band 4 is now available for" data-ref-id="5005-120 - PlayStation 4 - users in North America. In a" rel="nofollow - support forum post - , the developer said it's working to bring the feature to PS4 players in Europe and" data-ref-id="5005-121 - Xbox One - owners. class="fluid-height"" data-ref-id="1300-2947165 - - Additionally, to export Rock Band's songs into Rock Band 4, you needed to have purchased an export option; it was sold for a period of five years but is no longer available to buy. Also note that the export process only works within the same console family; i.e. PS3-to-PS4.A total of 47 Rock Band tracks are available to export into Rock Band 4, while the eight additional songs listed below will be available "at a later time."Anarchy Club - "Blood Doll"Bang Camaro - "Pleasure (Pleasure)"Death of the Cool - "Can't Let Go"Freezepop - "Brainpower"Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives - "I Get By"The Acro-brats - "Day Late, Dollar Short"Tribe - "Outside"VAGIANT - "Seven"Harmonix also notes that three songs from Rock Band's setlist will never be able to be exported, presumably due to licensing arrangements. These songs are:Black Sabbath "Paranoid"Iron Maiden "Run to the Hills"Metallica "Enter Sandman"The export process itself involves downloading every song individually, something Harmonix says you'll want to do on a stable Internet connection for the best results. A" rel="nofollow - full set of export instructions are available here - .Rock Band 4" data-ref-id="1100-6433098 - added the ability to export Rock Band 3 songs into the game in December - . In the future, the plan is for songs from" data-ref-id="5000-37394 - Rock Band 2 - ," data-ref-id="5000-43020 - Lego Rock Band - , and" data-ref-id="5000-61971 - Green Day: Rock Band - (but never" data-ref-id="5000-40496 - The Beatles: Rock Band - ) to eventually be made available in Rock Band 4. Check out the chart below for more. class="fluid-height"" data-ref-id="1300-2992138 - - Filed under: - Rock Band 4 - - ROCK BAND - - Xbox One - - PlayStation 4 - href='' - -