You are in a bar. Right up front, since a musician you really like is about to start playing. Ever

Tonight, you paid the $10.00 cover charge and arrived early. A table near the modest phase looked ideal. You settled in. Bought a beer and some food. You've brought a couple of music-loving good friends along and guaranteed them a perfect night ... after all, you've been raving about this artist for months.

Ah - here he comes - guitar in hand. He smiles at the audience and says " Hi - thanks for having me ... this evening I'm going to share some songs from my brand-new CD." There is faint applause. You and your buddies are clapping and folks at the next table examine and smile - they share your anticipation.

Then, the music begins and something goes terribly wrong. Nobody has actually dropped a tray of drinks in your lap; no fire alarm is ringing, no polices at the back trying to find a specific person ... No, this is a "wrong" that just a couple of individuals notice. This is a noisy, noisy bar. Aside from you, your good friends and the table next to you, nobody is remotely interested in the guy who's on stage. They are meeting up after work, for a couple of laughs, a couple of beverages, and to commemorate somebody's birthday. Or they selected this club because it is right around the corner from the conference hotel and the seminars are over for the day. Whatever the factor, all of these individuals have a different agenda, and they proceed to drink, clink and guffaw their method through the night.

You enjoy a few of the evening, but usually you're depressed due to the fact that your pals did not get to hear this musician's finest lines, best chord developments, best stories. At the end of the 2nd set, you get up to buy the CD you desire your pals to have - since they truly deserve to hear this work - and while you are having it autographed, the musician looks at you - understanding you are a big fan - and states "Have you ever thought about having a home show? I might play one next time I explore this location."

Wow. This person will really play in your living-room. You inform him you can seat 30 if you squeeze in some collapsible chairs and cushions. He says "that sounds great." You will now have a opportunity to hear music like it was implied to be heard. Back when musicians bet friends, for family, in intimate rooms, trying out tunes - coaxing a couple of folks to sing along. Picking up a bite to eat, and then playing and singing some more.

This worked for artists during McCarthyism. They sang their tunes in living spaces when no one would book them in halls. Secret shows, word dispersing underground.

But home concerts aren't a secret anymore. There are thousands of them going on around North America and Europe, with several websites blazing a trail. Entradas Medusa ought to have one quickly! Learn how, online, by examining sites committed to house shows. Several organizations in Canada and the United States have sites you will delight in. You can also browse on twitter, MySpace (music) and Facebook.