Yoga Retreats 101 - Living the Healthy Life

The hectic schedule of a fast-paced lifestyle takes its toll on a majority of our population nowadays with people not getting sufficient time to relax and tend to themselves. Coupled with the excessive consumption of nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, the adverse effects on our health are aplenty!


A certain section of the population has chosen to rely on yoga to break free from the shackles of the modern lifestyle. As a result, numerous yoga retreats and wellness centers have sprung up in remote locations throughout the world. Sri Lanka happens to possess one of the richest landscapes, complete with a host of natural springs and breathtaking sceneries. Unsurprisingly yoga retreat sri lanka is one of the most sought-after destinations around the world!

Breaking free from the humdrums of our modern life, our biological clock is automatically reset and we can feel the difference from Day 1. The air that we breathe, the food that we eat and the water that we drink play a major role in preserving our health, and any change in the positive direction has a major positive effect directly on our health.

Apart from the general spa treatment, the yoga and meditation retreats provide a list of core wellness programs including:

Detoxification – A variety of healthy food preparations coupled with a larger assortment of fresh fruits decrease the overall toxin level in our body eliminating impurities in the process. This is the first step of any ayurvedic treatment.

Energizing the Body and Mind – Meditation sessions are great for the mind as it helps us calm down our nerves and focus on one thing at a time. Learning how to control your mind is a very powerful tool and it helps restore energy to one’s being.

Nurturing Programs – Pampering yourself once in a while is encouraged and nurturing programs are all about caring for your body that you neglect throughout the year. Everything from body massages to scalp rejuvenation is done to ensure utmost relaxation and mental peace.

Personal Counselling – Personal counselling helps fight mental stress at the core level. You might be suffering from personal issues or work-related stress that is slowly eating away at your health. Personal counselling helps fight these problems at their core, helping you lead a healthy life!

If you want to feel one with yourself after a hard day’s work, a silent meditation retreat is what you need.