Yoga & Acid Reflux

You Might Also Like Constant Tiredness With Postures According to yoga teacher and Yoga Journal contributor Barbara Kaplan Herring, certain yoga poses promote good digestion and alleviate symptoms of conditions like acid reflux. These poses include restorative postures like reclined hip-openers, supported backbends and modified side-stretches that reduce digestive acidity and increase blood supply to the abdominal region. Specific poses to try include Supta Baddha Konasana (reclining bound-angle pose), Supta Sukhasana (reclining easy cross-legged pose) and Parsvottanasana (intense side-stretch pose). Contraindications Kaplan Herring suggests that individuals suffering from digestive complaints avoid yoga poses that compress the abdominal area, such as standing or seated forward bends. Full inversions like headstands should also be avoided in order to prevent symptoms like headaches and vomiting. Finally, physically strenuous yoga can exacerbate symptoms of acid reflux and ought not to be practiced when symptoms are present. Considerations Although yoga can be beneficial for individuals dealing with acid reflux, it is not an effective treatment in and of itself. Diet plays a key role in the avoidance and control of acid reflux, as do lifestyle changes to aid digestion such as slower eating and reduced alcohol and caffeine consumption. Remember that these factors are a necessary complement to yoga when seeking relief from acid reflux symptoms, and consider consulting a physician or dietician to determine which foods and substances are best for your individual health. pop over to this website