Xbox One February update adjusts controller precision

"The update may happen routinely whenever your controller syncs with your console."This is one of several planned updates prior to the launch of Titanfall. Each will revert in order to behave much similar to they do on Xbox 360, as opposed towards the existing confusing mess which is the Exercise application in Xbox One.[Image: Joystiq]. Xbox 1 February update adjusts controller precision | JoystiqAn incoming Xbox click for more info 1 update can change controller thumbstick sensitivity, a new Microsoft spokesperson features confirmed. Additionally to augmenting how controllers work, the actual February update will add the battery life indicator with regard to controllers. Microsoft additionally plans to streamline pals lists along with alter party chat in an update scheduled pertaining to early March. the update will be obtainable sometime this month."The February update will increase the sensitivity with the outer boundaries in the click through your up coming webpage thumbsticks about the Xbox one controller," the spokesperson stated throughout a contact for you to Joystiq