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If you take look around in magazines and newspapers you will notice that they are filled with articles written by freelance writers. Therefore, there is a constant need for good quality articles. When writing articles there are a number of aspects that you will need to consider:

Ability to write proper English
When writing articles you must be able to write clear, concise and perfect written English.

Research the topic
Make sure that you fully research the topic that you are writing about. Try to find out about a problem within that topic that has not already been covered and try to think of a resolution to solve that particular problem.

How to read faster

Article Title
Once have chosen your topic then you must create an original and eye catching title to the article. One way to create a good article title is to brainstorm several ideas. Another sound way to create a article title is to think of the greatest benefit that the audience will gain from reading the article and then use that as the title.

Article content
Make sure that you include information in the article that actually educates the reader or provides them with information that they previously did not know about.

Conclude the article
Make sure that you conclude the article and review the whole article. Highlight what the readers should do and include any additional advice.

Promote yourself and services or products
Ensure that you promote your products or services related to the article you have written through links. By doing so, you will ultimately make money from them. However, it is important to remember that you must provide valuable links that are actually related to the topic being discussed in your article. If you can not provide any valuable links on the topic of discussion from your own website then provide another website which will and make sure you are an affiliate with the website.