Would You Wear Subtitle Glasses? A Look at the Upcoming Trend

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The whole idea behind wireless surround makes sense - eliminate the wires that normally have to go from the amplifier or home theater component over to the surround speakers. By losing the wires, the decor of the room is maintained as well as safety issues with children and pets no longer being a part of the mix. Of course the best part is that there is no longer a reason NOT to have surround speakers in place. So audio goes from being merely enjoyable to exciting now that multichannel sound is kicking in.
The one problem? It seems most Tinnitus treatments are pretty hit and miss. Of course, every person's body is different, so all treatments are going to have a certain element of "your mileage may vary" built into them. However, each of the top ten treatments do have their group of supporters who say that it was this method that was able to finally give them that blessed silence.
It is designed for wearers with mild through medium and severe hearing loss which is available in many styles basically with four performance levels to meet to the diverse needs and requirements of different wearers. All Motion Behind the Ear (BTE) models are fully rechargeable so there would be absolutely no problem to any kind of battery hassles or issues, which is something worth it.
While these glasses are a fantastic development for hard of hearing movie patrons, they do have their limitations. These devices need to remain within range of the wireless network which is hosting the subtitle software. Theater design may require that people wearing the glass sit in designated locations, so the glasses can pick up the wireless network signal.

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