Would you like to join the uber loaded?

Would you like to join the uber loaded?
Chances are you're a part of one of the increasing variety of top-notch social networks made to link the rich, famous, powerful and amazing if that's the kind of message that pops into your inbox on an average week day. Occasionally all four.
Oh, and you also normally have to be invited by an associate to join or go through a rigorous approvals procedure. Jealous, much? We'll see.
Here are 10 social networks you probably won't get to join...
1. ASmallWorld
One of the first and exclusive European social networks consisting http://absentordinance30.jigsy.com/entries/general/the-rise-of-exclusive-social-networking-it-s-time-to-left-facebook-2 - http://www.nexopia.com/users/alluringin328/blog/9-the-rise-of-exclusive-social-networking-it-is-time-to-left-facebook - of 'culturally powerful people who are linked by three degrees [of separation]'.
You need to be encouraged to join by one of its existing 55,000 members - and, even then, there is no promise that you'll be accepted. The management team is headed up Patrick Liotard-Vogt, who can not live without his iPhone.
2. Decayenne
Among the first social networks to cater to an elite membership, Decayenne was set up in 2001 by a trio of German entrepreneurs. Though http://www.riabiz.com/a/7029126/social-media-is-effective-ultra-wealthy-clients-but-forget-the-morgan-stanley-approach - http://www.riabiz.com/a/7029126/social-media-is-effective-ultra-wealthy-clients-but-forget-the-morgan-stanley-approach - you can even apply to join membership is usually by invitation.
Decayenne describes itself as an 'oasis of inspiration and amusement' for 'cosmopolitan, independent, value-driven, tolerant, liberal, non-conformists.' Not many Premier League footballers, then?
3. Beautifulpeople
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, so be sure you're scrubbed up before you submit membership application and your photo to this exclusive website. Your details will likely be reviewed and rated by existing 'beautifulpeople' in case you don't get in you just have your parents and genetics to attribute.
4. Qube
Another private social network for the elite in the world, brought to you by London-based concierge service Quintessentially. It is stuffed full of exclusive social events, travel guides and business opportunities for its members, of which there were said to be some 20,000 in 2007.
5. HotEnough
For the physically appealing, HotEnough is a social networking /dating site like Beautifulpeople, and you need to undergo a stringent screening process to be a member. This consists of submitting three photographs of yourself, which should be approved a judging panel before your pics are set in front of other HotEnough members.
Get a score of 25 or more and you're in - although you then have to maintain a score of at least six to remain one of its' attractive, appropriate and trendy singles'. No, a paper bag along with a mankini will not do.